Bad debt payday loans -Check out our payday loan help debt consolidation

Check out our payday loan help debt consolidation

Not being able to pay the payday loans have become a problem for many people. Do you need help with payday loans?  We can help you.

What are the possible solutions to deal with this situation?

The law also provides for the application to consumers of a particular procedure that leads to the release of debts, the so-called ex-debt.In the past, the benefits of this procedure were exclusive to entrepreneurs. However, thanks to Law 3 of 2012, debtors who have hired debts, for reasons not attributable to professional or business activities, can also resort to debt. Let’s see more in detail what is it. The starting point is to resort to the procedure for the settlement of the over-indebted crisis that can be realized in two ways:

  • Plan of the consumer: the consumer will establish, together and in agreement with the creditors, of the small installments that will have to pay in order to arrive at the total payment of the debts;
  • Asset settlement: the consumer knows that he has no possibility to pay small monthly installments, so he decides to sell his mobile or real estate assets to pay off all the debts he had contracted.

Fate the debtor can be admitted to the procedure that will lead him to get rid of the residual debts he has towards the creditors. However, the debtor consumer must meet certain conditions to have the debit:

  • have cooperated in the regular and effective conduct of the procedure;
  • having provided all the information and documentation useful for the procedure;
  • having worked for the successful performance of operations;
  • have not benefited from the benefit of the debt in the 8 years preceding the request;
  • not having been definitively convicted, by a final sentence, for the violation of the rules and principles that govern the regulation of the agreement or of the consumer’s plan;
  • in the 4 years following the filing of the application for liquidation, have carried out a productive activity of income appropriate to their skills and the market situation;
  • have sought and not refused without justified reason, in the 4 years following the filing of the application for liquidation, job offers.

The debtor must also have satisfied, at least in part, the creditors with whom he had contracted debts at a time prior to the decree with which the liquidation proceeding was declared open. Then there are some cases, identified by the law, in which the debt is excluded:

  • it was the debtor who contributed to the situation of over-indebtedness, caused by a negligent credit claim, which was proportional to the capacity of his family budget ;
  • the debtor, in the five years preceding the liquidation procedure or in the course of the same, has put in place acts in fraud of creditors, payments or other deeds of their assets or simulations of pre-emptive securities, with the aim of favoring some creditors to harm others.

Moreover, the debt can not operate for debts arising from maintenance and food obligations or for debts for non-contractual damage, as well as for penal and administrative fines that are not ancillary to the debts covered by the termination procedure. It is not possible to use this procedure even in the case of tax debts which, despite having a prior cause to the opening degree of the procedure, were subsequently ascertained as a result of the knowledge of new elements. In addition, the debtor must lodge an appeal with the court within the year following the close of the liquidation procedure. At this point, the judge must hear creditors who are not fully satisfied and check the eligibility conditions of the debt. In the presence of the conditions for the granting of the debt, the judge declares the receivables not fully satisfied against the debtor uncollectable, however, without prejudice to the possibility of proposing a claim. Finally, it should be noted that the provision with which the debt was granted may be revoked at the request of the creditors at any time by the judge when it is subsequently established that there are grounds for exclusion of the benefit, or when it turns out that:

  • it has been intentionally or with gross negligence increased or decreased the liabilities;
  • a substantial part of the assets has been subtracted or hidden;
  • non-existent activities have been simulated. Thus the concept of credit liability is introduced.

This procedure provides for criminal consequences. In fact, the new regulation reiterates the provisions of the previous article 19 for the undue use of these instruments, both by the debtor and by the professional member of the crisis composition organization in the context of the certifications he is required to accomplish, thus configuring the crimes of false claims and false declarations.

Car pawning Without stopping using the vehicle!

In Prince Hal, we know that the car is one of the most valuable material possessions of people, but as the phrase “the goods are to remedy the evils”, the car is a good option when an economic emergency has Come abruptly to our door.

From health emergencies, expired payment deadlines to accidents that come to change our lives in an instant, all are precarious reasons in which people can come to feel like they are stuck in a tunnel with no way out. When we go through a situation of economic crisis, the reality is that most people think immediately about the commitment of some jewel, precious metals or even electronic items.

Another high percentage immediately has the idea of going to a bank loan, which although it is a good alternative when requesting a loan, the reality is that these institutions do not guarantee a quick injection of cash and usually require a series of procedures that are resolved in a couple of days, coupled with the multiple returns that have to be invested in the branch of the bank in question.

How to make the most of personal loans? 

It should be remembered that although the person has complied with the requirements and the necessary paperwork, not in all cases the success of the loans is insured, that is, if the person does not have a sufficient credit history, it is in the credit bureau, does not have an endorsement or is an employee who has a few months working in a company, the percentage of which the loan is denied becomes increasingly high.

Fortunately, nowadays our car can do much more for us than being our means of transport to all places. The modality that allows us to have as an option the commitment of our vehicle, can be the exit to those moments of anguish in which we need a quick and effective exit to get some amount of money; It is a form of cash loan at the moment that many people still do not know, but this time we share them in detail. In particular, our car can give us the money we urgently need, and the best part is that we do not need to take away from it, but instead we can continue using it as a means of transport.

In our country, the possibility of obtaining a loan for our car is an alternative that every day takes more strength, not for nothing thousands of people prefer the option over any other; This type of cash loan system has a number of very marked advantages, from the speed of the concession because they usually take no more than 24 hours to accept the operation, as well as the flexibility in terms of the requirements that are required, it is not Necessary to have a job, nor seek a guarantee, this last because the endorsement is the car itself. Undoubtedly it is a financing that does not involve too many procedures and the most attractive thing is that our loan with auto guarantee, implies that we do not have to leave it.

Reasons why fast loans are ideal for medical emergencies

When we have before us a type of economic emergency that has us worried and anguished, what we want least is that our problems multiply; on the contrary, we are looking for an alternative that will support us in these critical moments. This feature is fundamental to trust in the advantages of financing by our car, because it is exactly what we will obtain, the effective exit to get money quickly and at the same time avoiding the extra problem of running out of vehicles.

We can avoid plans to rent an additional car, look for the services of an Uber or get up a couple of hours before to take the most convenient subway route and leave the children at school, then we go to work. We can continue with the convenience of continuing to drive our car, without extra taxi expenses or exposing the youngest members of the family to the contingencies of public transport. This reality contrasts with any other type of endeavor, in which users often give up their belongings until the loan is paid in full.

The opportunity to continue driving our vehicle is one of the most attractive features of car pawn financing. The speed of the procedure is another feature that we can not ignore, because after the credit is approved, only less than 24 hours will be enough to dispose of the cash. Just imagine the possibilities that open up before us for the welfare of our panorama in general: in the economic part we can find an opportunity to make an investment for something more, for example, from remodeling our house, paying the university studies of some of our children or Why not? Dare to start the opportunity to promote our own business, one of the plans we have always had in mind but that we had not been able to solve.

Uber: the solution that pays your loans for cars

As for paperwork, it is very simple, without requiring a guarantee or a credit bureau. We avoid demonstrating the ability to pay or endorse a property, as well as backing with supplementary documents such as income statements, bank movements or statements of account for the last six months; basic requirements that are required in any banking institution.

In Prince Hal the requirements that we ask are quite simple, we only require that the invoice of the car is in the name of the person requesting the financing and finally that the car is not older than ten years; we have more than 10 years of experience, time in which we have supported the economy of Mexican families, who, based on sacrifice, acquire their assets and trust us to solve their economic crises; We are here to support you!

It will be a pleasure to solve your doubts and offer you a personalized plan in the effort of cars , so you know why this type of financing has taken so much force in recent years in our country.

How to invest wisely the money loans to start my own business? 

credit pool list of loans and debts

In this article we list the loans and debts that can be borrowed according to the profiles as part of a loan consolidation.

The grouping of credits of the individual and the liberal profession is a real consolidation of all your loans and debts, including certain professional debts … => Free simulation

When incorporating business loans and debts, very few lenders incorporate this possibility. But when this is the case, a mortgage guarantee on private wealth is then requested. It will be first rank, borrowers will be in full ownership.

We are halfway towards the financial restructuring for professional because it is possible, in compliance with the conditions mentioned above, to initiate a financial restructuring for individuals by asking for additional cash that will be allocated to make a contribution account current in society.

Today we bring you a small summary of loans and debts that can be consolidated in a financial restructuring.
Clearly, it is possible for us to clear, thus erase, all the debts listed below and replace them with a single loan with a competitive rate and a duration adapted to your income so that you regain your purchasing power. or the possibility of carrying out a project (vehicle, trip, works, boat, swimming pool, renovation, etc.).

Credit pool list of loans and debts

Credit pool list of loans and debts

  • real estate loans
  • personal loans
  • revolving credits
  • the LOA
  • unpaid deadlines
  • rent delays (with clearance plan)
  • litigious loans and debts
  • bank overdrafts
  • private debts (family …)
  • the payments
  • condominium trustee debts
  • tax and social debts
  • the DTAs
  • old professional debts (compulsory mortgage guarantee)
  • professional debts for the liberal professions

Before making the request, please check that the total amount of loans and debts to be consolidated is greater than or equal to 18 000 € (below this amount we can not intervene but very often your bank has solutions to propose to you).


Clarifying doubts about lenders

We all have emergencies and situations that are beyond our reach, this is because we do not have control over what happens around us, especially when it comes to economics and finance; for that reason we can not know at what time we are going to need the services of the lenders in Monterrey , in our new blog post we will clarify the most frequent doubts about the lenders, since many people surely have no idea what this is about. type of situations.

To start a lender is that institution or person who provides a monetary loan to a person who requires it due to some type of need, as long as they leave as a guarantee some type of pledge, in many cases the car is taken from people like the guarantee that they will pay what has been lent to them.

Now, in this sense banks are one of the main and first options that people usually have in mind to carry out this type of transactions in which what they are looking for is that escape valve that allows them to have an economic entrance to be able to get ahead of that setback in which they are; and it is that when we do not have the desired capital, it is when we often need it most and with greater urgency. Unfortunately the banking procedures usually take a very long time, because as we know all the bureaucratic procedures in this type of institutions have guidelines that must be followed to the letter, and that although they are correct, sometimes the people do not have the necessary time to wait until they approve the monetary loan, which is why many times people stop attending the banking institutions to ask for loans.

It is in this sense that the lenders in Monterrey make their appearance as these places where a person can attend and ask for their monetary loan; Many of the readers may be questioning or having a series of doubts at the moment about how this type of loan works, what they must fulfill, what is the maximum amount that can be provided to them, among many other questions of that kind. style that are very important and we could say that they belong to the common sense of each one, since this type of questioning is the main thing that we need to know in order to apply for a loan. That is why in Auto Loans we decided to make a small guide in which we put some of the doubts and concerns that people tend to have more frequently when requesting a loan.

• What do I need to request my loan?

How to make the most of personal loans? 

In the first place the only thing that we require is that the applicants have a car and that it is registered under their name, this is very important since it is the basis of the procedure that we are going to carry out; On the other hand, the car must be fully paid, that is, it must not be paying monthly yet, and above all it must have all the complete documents, such as the original invoice and the receipts of the last five holdings and vehicle registration , are documents that are usually requested, since this pledge of the car is the one that will be taken as a basis to be able to provide a loan, therefore it is essential that these requirements are met.

• What will happen to my car?

Reasons why fast loans are ideal for medical emergencies 

This is one of the most important and significant doubts that people usually present, since they often think that the car will be sheltered far from its owners, which is common in many pawnshops. However, in Auto Loans, this is not the case, since with us at the time of exercising as moneylenders in Monterrey we know well that transportation is essential for our clients, that’s why the only thing we carry out is the request for official documents that will be safeguarded in our offices during the duration of the loan, but we install a geolocalizer in your car.

• Why is a geo locator used?

We know that when people have an emergency, one of the most used devices is the car, either to move to different places to which they have to carry out their activities in order to end their urgency, that is why we take with us As a decision to install a geo locator in your car, this is in the first instance a way of caution to know where the car is located, and also allows people to make use of this car.

• How will I pay my debt?

Usually when you leave a garment in payment mode, you usually have the idea that you will never be able to recover this guarantee. With us, our clients will have two different types of scheme in which they can carry out their payments in the way that suits them best; at first we have the so-called fixed payments, in which its characteristic is that they are from 6 to 24 months, and each payment is carried out on a monthly basis. On the other hand, the traditional payment that we handle is that in which the month you only pay the interest, and at the end of that term you start to pay the capital, the terms that we have as maximums in this modality are maximum to six months, but have an option to renew.

In Auto Loans we know that the situation in the country is quite complicated, that is why we have positioned ourselves as one of the best options in terms of lenders in Monterrey , and that is why we offer our services in this area. We invite our readers to communicate with us on our phones, where an operator will assist them and provide all the information they need, as well as clarify all the doubts that come to have this process with all the professionalism possible we put for you.

Car pawning Without stopping using the vehicle! 

PERSONAL LOANS? Loan Comparator

Compare your personal loan on our website so that, in a quick and easy way, you can request the best personal loan online without losing time.

The conditions offered by banks can vary in each entity and therefore, it can take too long. For this reason we suggest you look for, compare and request the personal loan that offers the best conditions.

Banks are increasingly reluctant to grant personal loans online and put all kinds of impediments. The client will have to present an infinite number of papers to prove his credit worthiness. The most advisable thing is, first of all, analyze from 5 to 6 banks to find a personal loan with the best conditions.

Here we leave the loan comparison so you can find the best personal loan to cover your credit needs;

Personal Loans, are your solution?

Personal loans are the solution for people who need liquidity easily and quickly.

To apply for a personal loan you have to go to your bank and request it. The bank will do an exhaustive study through “credit scoring” assessing the risk and if they can grant it.

Personal loans are usually granted for the purchase of a home, renovations, car, motorcycle, retirement, unemployment, etc., and other reasons that the bank would like you to show.

TAE or TIN personal loans

The repayment terms of the personal loan are between 1 year and 6 months. And their interests can also vary from 5% to 10%. Depending on whether it is TAE or TIN the loan will vary. Do not let them fool you, you have to always look at the % TAE. Keep in mind that you always have to analyze the personal loan that they grant you with all the expenses of paperwork, opening and links to your account.

2- Fast personal loans

Quick personal loans are loans that are designed to suit any unforeseen economic needs that may arise us throughout life. These loans usually cover amounts from € 5 0 to € 1,000, depending on the entity.

There are many banks and financial institutions where the user can get personal loans quickly and easily, just make an online request. There are entities that are specialized in offering fast personal loans online, without having to fill out paperwork, depositing the money in your account within 24 hours once the request is accepted.

For these credits you do not need a guarantee and you will only need a payroll, pension or proof of periodic income. If you do not have any of the requirements described above, you can get money through online microcredits.

In addition to financial institutions, banks offer quick personal loans through a simple and quick request, thus being able to obtain larger amounts of money and lower interest rates, but with a slower management.

Types of personal loans fast

Another type of quick personal loans are p2p loans, in which an online application is made through a form and private investors invest in your loan until it is completely completed. These types of quick personal loans avoid bank commissions.

Why ask for a quick personal loan?

Whether you have a personal project in mind, or if you need money to solve an unforeseen event or simply treat yourself. The fast personal loans are the solution to your financial problems. You have an extra money in 24 hours after accepting your request.

Urgent personal loans

Urgent personal loans usually request those who need to fill an important need as repairing a boiler, a vehicle or some other unforeseen event.

These urgent personal loans are always usually amounts from 1000 to 3000 approximately.

The urgent personal loans are to cover a need and need better conditions than loans between individuals or mini-loan loans, which offer higher conditions.

Disadvantages of urgent personal loans

The main disadvantage that banks have when requesting an urgent personal loan is the delay of this one. In general, if they are mentioned the need they have to grant an urgent personal loan, the term of the concession of this is usually 3 to 5 working days, instead of taking more than 7.

Do urgent personal loans have to be justified?

This urgency must always be mentioned and justified so that deadlines are met. The best thing to get this urgent personal loan within a period of 3 approximate days is to look and compare different banks and not focus the application request on a single lender.

For this reason you should compare with Voocredit. We help you compare more than 25 banks to request your urgent personal loan with the best conditions.

Personal loans online

Online personal loans are sued by thousands of people before approaching your bank want to search, compare and analyze the best proposal for your need banking service.

It is advisable to use a comparator since in a matter of minutes you can compare more than 10 personal loans online.

Personal loans online a new trend

This tendency to look for personal loans online is in the day to day of the youngest. That’s why they rely on online loan comparators.

In order to establish this trust in online loan comparators, it is vitally important that the websites of these comparators have the SSL security certificate that protects and encrypts the page and the data, thus protecting the transactions of the users.

Voocredit is reliable looking for personal loans online!

With the search for personal loans online Voocredit can put all your trust with full warranty. We offer you a 100% reliable, safe and quality online personal loan comparison.

Do not waste your time anymore and compare your personal loans in a Zas!

Fast personal loans online

Our platform, Voocredit, is a great tool to compare and get fast personal loans online.

We use real data from more than 10 entities and banks, making Voocredit a great comparator of fast personal loans online.

Do you need to ask for fast personal loans online and do not know which entity or bank offers you the best conditions? Do not hesitate for a second and compare them with us.

Compare in less than 5 minutes loans with better market conditions. If you need fast money, with our comparator you will get it in a Zas.

Save time and money, our comparator helps you filter the entities that offer fast personal loans online to find the cheapest deals in the market.

Compare quick personal loans online with Voocredit!

At we collect all personal loans from the market so you can compare and choose the one that best suits your financing needs.

We offer up-to-date information on the best offers of fast personal loans online from all banks and entities to make it easier for you to compare and choose your credit.

Before applying for a personal loan, one of the first recommendations is to compare the various options available to have the best conditions and not pay too many commissions or interests. If we choose well, we can get the loan or credit that best suits our needs.

The comparator fast personal loans online Voocredit collects in one place the vast majority of bank loans that can be found in financial institutions, so you do not waste time reviewing conditions and requirements.

Recommendations for hiring fast personal loans online

Remember that a lower interest does not always mean that you are going to pay less, since the commissions can make the total amount returned to the entity that has granted your online loan greater. This is why you have to take into account all the expenses that are applied and calculate what you are going to pay.

Another important recommendation when hiring your personal loans online is to study the advantages and / or disadvantages that can be linked to an entity. Generally, banks offer interest and commission discounts and better conditions to customers who have their payroll registered with them and hire other products.

Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions

If you are on the lists of Financial Credit Institutions, it is more difficult to comply with all the established requirements to be granted a personal loan. If you need personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions, the credit mistrust is latent in the list of defaulters.

These lists of defaulters are a database that banks have in their Central Bank Risk Information System, and with their knowledge, the entity can get to know what debt they already have with other entities, and in this way get a broader idea of ​​your solvency.

They can also analyze if they are on the list of defaulters through the “Credit Scoring” and send them a warning alert “IS IN Financial Credit Institutions”, which is why they are reluctant to grant personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions. This does not mean that you do not get the personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions.

Can they grant personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

In the case that is in the list of defaulters of Financial Credit Institutions the loan will be more complicated and difficult to manage by both parties since the client has to prove the reason for the delinquency: if it is from a default of telephone companies and Internet may be that the bank will grant you the personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions. If this is not the case, the client will have to manage the departure of Financial Credit Institutions or RAI through a management company. In this way, the bank will listen to you again and can grant you personal loans.

Financial Credit Institutions to be granted a personal loan!

It is possible to leave the list of defaulters of Financial Credit Institutions so that they grant you the personal loan whenever you are looking for a manager that deals with you in an effective way since if you do it yourself you can take a considerable time and delay the granting of a loan staff with Financial Credit Institutions. All clients that are in Financial Credit Institutions are included in some of the file that works with the majority of Spanish banks. Where they draw on these lists of defaulters to alert the client to be careful to grant a loan with Financial Credit Institutions.

To leave Financial Credit Institutions and request a personal loan

To be granted a personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions, you will have to inform the department responsible for the file of defaulters of your right to the Opposition, or we will exercise the ” ARCO rights ” (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) of the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection. These rights are strict and personal, they can only be exercised by the owner of the data or their legal representative or manager to leave Financial Credit Institutions (in the case of minors or disabled).

We exercise this right through a model cancellation form that facilitates the (Spanish Agency for Data Protection and to which we will have to communicate by sending by post a Burofax. If within 10 working days they do not send you a reply or any kind of notice, you should complain to the Spanish Data Protection Agency ” AGPD “.

Can they grant personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

If you can leave the Financial Credit Institutions you can request a personal loan, as long as the dispute is well documented and these detailed steps are processed, the file Financial Credit Institutions Equifax will cancel for a time the data related to the non-payment made, the affected should leave the file of defaulters of Financial Credit Institutions without paying any amount.

When a bank or financial institution studies whether or not to grant a personal loan, through the Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain ( CIRBE ), and with its knowledge, the entity can get to know what debt it already has with other entities, and in this way get a broader idea of ​​their solvency. And think about whether to grant a personal loan.

Cheap personal loans

If you need to hire cheap personal loans, do not let them fool you and compare in a Zas with Voocredit.

Nowadays, an endless number of entities and banks claim to grant cheap personal loans. Do not believe everything they tell you. Many of these entities hide in their fine print an endless number of commissions and fees. That is why, first of all, you must compare different banks and financial entities.

To ensure that you hire a cheap personal loan, you should always look at interest rates and commissions.

Where to ask for cheap personal loans?

To get a better offer when asking for cheap personal loans, it is convenient, in most cases, to ask them to the bank where you have your payroll registered. The cheapest deals are not usually found in private lenders, but in banks.

Keep in mind that banks do not usually grant loans to newcomer customers, but they observe and analyze their accounts for some time before deciding if they run the risk of granting a personal loan or not.

I need my cheap personal loan now!

People who need to get money in a few hours, will have to choose, many times, to ask for credits in private entities. In these entities you will have a greater possibility of obtaining money immediately, but paying a higher interest. That is why it is not advisable if what you really want are cheap personal loans.

Depending on the bank in which you have your accounts, you can also get cheap personal loans in a shorter period, but not always in such a small period.

Personal loans without endorsement

You can apply for a personal loan without a guarantee in many cases, but as you know, banks always want to guarantee personal loans without collateral and you may have to include life insurance or even your husband as an adjunct. the loan to give a guarantee.

Can they grant personal loans without a guarantee?

Banks can give you a personal loan without an endorsement but it will depend on the amount to request, since it is not the same to request a personal loan without a guarantee of 1000 to 3000 or a personal loan of 3001 to 15,000 €. Personal loans without collateral usually grant them to clients who know their operations and historical and trust more of these.

Cases that are granted personal loans without endorsement

Personal loans are also granted without guarantee in those clients that the amount is low as mentioned above and we want to highlight the amount ranges from € 1000 to € 3000 maximum. The banks when they have to give a personal loan study each case and their risk for this reason can grant personal loans with no endorsement or with endorsement.

In the cases that you need a guarantee, you may be asked to be guaranteed by a family member a friend or by a property such as a home… that covers that guarantee.

Personal loans without payroll

Sometimes we need a personal loan without payroll and see ourselves in difficult liquidity situations. This situation of difficulty of money can solve with the demand of a personal loan without payroll to cover those vital needs of the day to day. Banks can offer you a personal loan without payroll as long as they have a real guarantee or an endorsement from a relative such as parents or friends.

Does the bank need a guarantee if you apply for a personal loan without a payroll?

Banks always or almost always request a guarantee if you request a personal loan without a payroll. These guarantees are usually requested when the bank analyzes that you are at risk of default. And not because you were a bad client, but because you do not give him the credibility that we previously gave him, which was the guarantee of a payroll and a salary that gives him security and a certain benefit.

Animese and look in Voocredit the best personal loan without having a payroll and then negotiate the best conditions.

Personal loans for retirees

Many people tend to think that it is especially difficult to get personal loans for retirees, but the truth is that however much the crisis has shaken our economy, retirees are among the few segments of the population that, today, have their income assured.

The truth is that retirees can apply for and get loans and personal loans successfully without mortgaging.

Requirements for personal loans for retirees

The requirements for accessing personal loans for retirees are the same as those required to contract any other loan, although, as expected, the entities take into account the age of the applicant.

Generally they usually ask that our age at the time of requesting personal loans for retirees does not exceed 75 years when the term of the loan ends. In the case of exceeding this limit, we will need an endorsement to back us up.

Something that is also fundamental above the age of the loan applicant is their ability to pay, that is, their monthly pension is sufficient to cover the monthly installments for existing debts and the new debt requested.

What do I need for my personal loans for retirees?

To be granted your personal loan you must, apart from complying with the conditions mentioned above, be able to demonstrate them. That is, when applying for personal loans for retirees you must submit a series of documentation:

  • Last income statement
    • DNI (National Identity Document) that certifies our age and that we live permanently in Spain.
    • Document certifying the entry of a pension.
  • Receipt from the bank regarding the last month.

With these documents, the lenders can certify that we receive our benefit and that we are sufficiently solvent to repay the loans without problems.

Quick personal loans without paperwork

Customers who need quick personal loans without paperwork can now request them through our personal loan search engine without paperwork in several minutes.

Search and Compare the best personal loan without paperwork!

You will find a list of personal loans in which you can perform an analysis of which service is best for your needs and without paperwork since you can request the personal loan online from the bank’s website and without too many complications since in 4 or 5 simple steps, you can request your personal loan without paperwork.

Do not wait more! Apply for your personal loan online without paperwork

Request your personal loan without paperwork in an easy and reliable way with our Voocredit search engine you will have a comparison of banking services to request among these the best personal fast online loan.