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credit pool list of loans and debts

In this article we list the loans and debts that can be borrowed according to the profiles as part of a loan consolidation.

The grouping of credits of the individual and the liberal profession is a real consolidation of all your loans and debts, including certain professional debts … => Free simulation

When incorporating business loans and debts, very few lenders incorporate this possibility. But when this is the case, a mortgage guarantee on private wealth is then requested. It will be first rank, borrowers will be in full ownership.

We are halfway towards the financial restructuring for professional because it is possible, in compliance with the conditions mentioned above, to initiate a financial restructuring for individuals by asking for additional cash that will be allocated to make a contribution account current in society.

Today we bring you a small summary of loans and debts that can be consolidated in a financial restructuring.
Clearly, it is possible for us to clear, thus erase, all the debts listed below and replace them with a single loan with a competitive rate and a duration adapted to your income so that you regain your purchasing power. or the possibility of carrying out a project (vehicle, trip, works, boat, swimming pool, renovation, etc.).

Credit pool list of loans and debts

Credit pool list of loans and debts

  • real estate loans
  • personal loans
  • revolving credits
  • the LOA
  • unpaid deadlines
  • rent delays (with clearance plan)
  • litigious loans and debts
  • bank overdrafts
  • private debts (family …)
  • the payments
  • condominium trustee debts
  • tax and social debts
  • the DTAs
  • old professional debts (compulsory mortgage guarantee)
  • professional debts for the liberal professions

Before making the request, please check that the total amount of loans and debts to be consolidated is greater than or equal to 18 000 € (below this amount we can not intervene but very often your bank has solutions to propose to you).


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